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Aldi Nord has announced a tie up with autonomous store technology firm Trigo to bring checkout-free shopping to the convenience retailer.
The move builds on the tie up in Utrecht with Aldi Nederland where the pair are working on a checkout-free test store, Aldi Shop & Go.
“To successfully lead discount retail into the future, technology and business must go hand in hand,” Aldi Nord chief technology officer Sinanudin Omerhodzic said.
“Our close partnership with Trigo unites exactly that and brings together two true experts in their field. The cooperation in Utrecht has shown that we share the right values and that together we can develop quick solutions with an eye for essentials, always focusing on customer benefits.”
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“We don’t have final reports yet, but the initial results of Aldi Shop & Go are promising,” Omerhodzic added.
“We are now building on this and further developing its concept and the cutting-edge technology behind it together with Trigo: Discount meets computer vision technology 2.0 – always with the customer needs in mind.”
The software also enables checking stock levels in real-time in order to minimise out-of-stock or expired items and to be able to control processes in the stores and the supply chain.
Trigo’s co-founder and CEO Michael Gabay added: “We are particularly proud to work with Aldi Nord, who has been at the forefront of grocery retail innovation for decades.”
“This next chapter of our partnership is about the digitisation of discount retailing, where computer vision revolutionizes the global discount grocer business model. We are excited to partner with Aldi Nord on building the infrastructure for the future of discount grocery.”
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