F1 News: Haas delays 2023 driver announcement – Sports Illustrated

Haas is still undecided on its 2023 lineup.
Guenther Steiner has explained that Haas is not ready to announce its 2023 driver lineup, and that there will be no confirmation this weekend. 
The Haas team principal has previously suggested that a decision on Kevin Magnussen's teammate was closer to being reached, but it seems that negotiations continue to take place. 
According to Chris Medland, however, Guenther Steiner has denied claims that any contracts will be confirmed this weekend. 
With just two rounds left in the 2022 season and no announcement planned for the Brazilian GP weekend, the American squad could make its final decision after the finale in Abu Dhabi. 
Mick Schumacher has spent almost two years with Haas, so it seems unlikely that the team will learn anything new about the 23-year-old in the final rounds of the season. 
There is undoubtedly enough telemetry to show what Schumacher can offer moving forward, making the unwillingness to make a commitment increasingly frustrating for fans. 
Guenther Steiner first indicated that Schumacher's position was under review before the summer break, meaning that reports about Schumacher's future have circulated for several months now. 
Nico Hulkenberg is widely reported as the driver most likely to replace Mick next year, but this is news you have surely heard before. 
Ultimately, the situation remains the same.
Hulkenberg and Schumacher are the contenders, and – for whatever reason – Haas remains uncommitted. 


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