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RxCelerate, a global outsourced drug discovery and development platform, has acquired Methuselah Health UK for an undisclosed sum.
Methuselah Health was founded in 2015 to discover drugs for age-related diseases driven by proteomic instability and has developed what is acclaimed as the world’s most powerful proteomics platform to power its discovery efforts.
“Until now, the ProQuant proteomics technology has only been available for the internal discovery programs at Methuselah Health,” said Jill Reckless, CEO at Cambridge-based RxCelerate.
“But as soon as we saw just how powerful this technology was, we had to add it to our service offering. The proprietary ProQuant platform will be exclusively available to our clients, giving them access to the best proteomics technology available anywhere.”
The development of ProQuant was led by David Mosedale, CTO at Methuselah Health since its foundation in 2015. 
He said: “Proteomics has been an important tool in drug discovery for decades but existing methods typically focus on the number of proteins identified at the expense of quantitative accuracy. 
“ProQuant is a step-change in quantitative accuracy for bottom-up LC-MS-MS based proteomics, which enables a whole range of applications that are difficult or impossible with existing technology.”
ProQuant has numerous applications across the drug discovery and development domains and Mosedale adds: “It really is a game-changer.” 
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