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My biggest indulgence during the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving, has to be dessert. 
Every year, my sweet tooth is excited by the array of pies, cookies, brownies and other treats that often line a Thanksgiving dessert table. And I never fail to find room for dessert, even if I’ve had my fair share of turkey and sides.
While the traditional Turkey Day dessert (pie) is well known, the options for tasty post-dinner offerings abound and come in so many different forms. So, don’t be afraid to try something different. You never know what might become your own holiday dessert tradition. 
Here are a few we think would be great dessert table adds.
Don’t forget the drinks:Try mulled apple cider this Thanksgiving
Is Thanksgiving as burned out as we are?:Top 2022 trends include simple menus, value ingredients
Call me the cookie monster. These snickerdoodles with pumpkin spice are screaming “make me! make me!”
Apple pie is good at any time of year but it’s especially good on Thanksgiving. This recipe is easy and only calls for 10 ingredients.
We’ll never say no to pumpkin pie, either.
If you’re not into apple or pumpkin, there are other pie and pie-adjacent options too, including this “lazy peach cobbler” from Tabitha Brown.
Sweet potato pecan rolls may be billed for a Thanksgiving day breakfast but we think they can work well for dessert, too.


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