Three decades ago, we could not have imagined selling anything to India on the defense side, says asst state secy – Times of India

India's maintained not to take sides, working towards diplomatic solution. We've seen them make right phone calls… unfortunately, they've not yet been effective.
On being asked about India-Russia defence partnership, asst state secy Donald Lu said, “We’re in process of trying to understand whether defence tech that we are sharing with India can be adequately safeguarded, given India’s historical relationship with Russia & its defense sales.”

Three decades ago, we could not have imagined selling anything to India on the defense side, the amount and the sophistication of what today we are transferring to India is staggering.
If Russia pulls back & pursues diplomacy, we stand ready to do the same thing. We'll support any diplomatic efforts by the Ukrainian govt to reach a ceasefire & of withdrawal of Russian forces.
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Nordstrom jumps on upbeat 2022 forecast
Biden, Cabinet fan out around nation to sell domestic agenda
President Joe Biden used an aging bridge spanning a corner of iced-over Lake Superior to promote billions of dollars that will flow to communities across the US in coming years to fix roads, bridges and other infrastructure
Blinken says US ‘will support diplomatic efforts’ for ceasefire in Ukraine

Blinken calls Putin’s nuclear rhetoric the ‘height of irresponsibility’

We and our Allies & partners will work to keep people safe, manage the refugees, keep border crossings open & provide critical supplies… We've now sanctioned most of Russia's financial institutions.
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to visit Poland, Baltics, Moldova in support of Ukraine, reports AFP News Agency quoting State Dept

Senate hearings for high court nominee to begin on March 21

Biden to host Colombia’s president at White House

Secretary of State Blinken spoke today with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba to reiterate the US’ commitment to provide security, financial & humanitarian support as Ukraine faces increasingly brutal bombardment by Russian forces.
America must maintain the tools – vaccines, boosters, treatments, tests, and masks – to protect against Covid-19 and dramatically decrease the risk of the most severe outcomes. We must be prepared to respond to a new variant quickly and keep our schools and businesses open
This plan lays out the roadmap to help us fight Covid-19 in the future as we move America from crisis to a time when Covid-19 does not disrupt our daily lives and is something we prevent, protect against, and treat.
US Justice Dept launches task force to pursue ‘corrupt Russian oligarchs’

US private payrolls rise solidly

US military drops mask requirements at the Pentagon

White House Covid Response coordinator Zients: US needs additional funding from Congress for long-term preparedness

If you are vaccinated and boosted, you have less chances of landing in hospital for Covid: White House Covid-19 response team


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