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Uber Eats and Zapp have tied up to allow customers using Uber Eats’ platform now be able to order from Zapp’s catalogue of around 1,000 products.
Each customer’s order will be packed from the nearest Zapp dark store for delivery within as little 20 minutes, 24/7.
Zapp says that it makes it the only convenience retailer available on Uber Eats night and day.
Company chief commercial officer Ajay Lakhwani said: “By partnering with Uber Eats, it’s great to be reaching even more Londoners as we further our mission to delight customers with things that make them happy, the moment they want it.”
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“Whether it’s hosting spontaneous drinks, snacks from the sofa, getting everyday essentials or even last-minute gifts, customers can order Zapp on Uber Eats for delivery in minutes, 24/7.”
Uber Eats head of commerce Alex Troughton said: “We’re excited to partner with Zapp to offer round the clock convenience as one of the few 24/7 retailers on the platform.”
“We know that more and more customers are using Uber Eats to order those ‘need it now’ items and will enjoy shopping Zapp’s curated and premium catalogue.”
“From vintage wine and Italian delicatessen food, to Daylesford farm produce and household brands like Apple and Bamford, it brings something truly different to Uber Eats.”
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